Vision & Mission


1. Imparting quality education with a holistic approach, creating global opportunities, enabling the students to excel in different areas and enlighten the lives all round.

2. To emerge one among the best school in the Jharkhand State in the coming years.

3. To provide all the students to gain the necessary skills to pursue their aspirations.

4. To enable all the students to get the pinnacle.


1. To provide students with the skills, knowledge and academic opportunities to succeed in rapidly changing world, to foster a tone that allows even the most quiet and sensitive child to interact, to instil ethical and moral values creating a sense of responsibility towards the society.

2. To enable them to distinguish between right and wrong,have courtesy and consideration for others.

3. The main Objective of GRIZZLY PUBLIC SCHOOL is to inculcate such moral values in the students which would prove as a milestone for them to become good citizens and human beings.

4. With the mission to impart quality education with moral orientation, for all round development and propagation of knowledge, GRIZZLY PUBLIC SCHOOL came into existence.

5. Our mission is not only cognitively enrich the children, but also enrich their hearts with values, etiquettes and creativity.

6. To extract maximum potential from the students by reinforcing them.

7. To enable the students to reach the pinnacle of their career.

8. To provide a Conducive environment to make teaching learning process smooth and effective.

9. To impart quality education along with moral values to face their competitive World.

10. To develop leadership qualities, Self respect and respect for all.

11. To produce ideal citizens with excellent competence and commitment for society and the nation.

12. To challenge students to become lifelong learners.