Excellence is Attitude

School building“Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself. ” Let us remember “One Book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the World.” And GRIZZLY PUBLIC SCHOOL is here to change the World.

“GRIZZLY PUBLIC SCHOOL” is a building of knowledge which has four walls with tomorrow inside”. We never dream of success rather we work for it. We educate not only the minds of our children, but also educate their hearts.

As far as Education is concerned education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. Its about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life. Hence we work on the all-round development of the students including both their Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas.

Grizzly Public School a co-educational English Medium Public School has carved a niche for itself in a very short span of time with unique pedagogy, updated curriculum, eye-catching infrastructure, scientific and advance study material.

Its offers a wide range of activities for the holistic development of child which includes : 

•  Literary Activities : Story telling, Poem recitations etc.
•  Scientific Activities : Experimentation and exploration.
•  Cultural Activities : Music, Drama, Dance Competitions etc.
•  Artistic Activities : Painting, Sketching, Drawing etc.
•  Sports Activities : Indoor and Outdoor games.
•  Extra Curricular Activities : Festivals, Birthday Celebration, Excursion etc.
• Personality Development : Enables Children to become self-reliant productive individual with clarity, precision and independence. To inspire Children to    embrace challenge and find joy & self-worth through achievement.

Each child is treated as an individual who has needs which should be met in an atmosphere that celebrates diversity. Child’s social and emotional skills are nurtured and children are guided to develop to their maximum potential.

Teachers are always a facilitator, a mentor and a guide to the students. And Grizzly Public School Provide such proficient and dedicated teachers who impart quality education including different maxims of teaching and different methodologies to make teaching-learning process effective.


•    To channelise each child's talent and potential
•    To inculcate a temper for learning.
•    To provide knowledge in a creative, joyous, adventurous and friendly environment.
•    To stimulate the child's instinct towards physiological, psychological, sociological and ethical development.
•    To develop spiritual and moral values.
•    To provide state of the art technology input for interactive education.
•    To provide all round development in a way that our children become worthy, down to earth and ideal citizens.
•    To develop a versatile character.
•    To ensure personal attention and better interaction between the students and the teachers.
•    To provide activities based learning including Co-Scholastic areas and favourable environment for the students.


01. Pre-Primary Activity Room

02. Art and Craft room

03. Audio-Visual Room

04. Colorful Classrooms

05. Educational Equipment

06. Computer Room

07. Puppet Theatre

08. Indoor/Outdoor games

09. Dining Room

10. Doll House

11. Language Room

12. Inclusion of Robotics Lab

13. Dance Class

14. Music Class

15. Yoga Class

16. Splash Pool

17. Smart Class

18. Fun Zone


Interactive Digital Audio - Video Classes by Extra marks Pvt. Ltd. : In this fast moving world, everything is changing with just a blink of eyes; education is no exception. Today, interactive digital audio-video classes have revolutionized the education system and have done a great deal to change traditional style of teaching. With the help of such classes, students learn fast and develop understanding about the subject easily. Grizzly Public School is well equipped with such classes, where the content is regularly upgraded as per the need.

Close Circuit Television : The entire school campus including every compartment has been equipped with close circuit television facility for constant vigil over all activities in every corner of the school.

Computer Education : The school is imparting computer education to all students with well maintained and sophisticated computer lab, A language lab is also there for communicative English classes to enhance the listening & speaking skills of the students.

Security System

Safety and security is of utmost importance in a school. To maintain information about outsiders coming in contact with the school information is gathered by issuing them proper identification documents and keeping a regular check on their activities and movements. The security system is managed by efficient, persevering, patient and courageous guards at the gate for 24 hours to provide a safe and secure environment in the campus. A perfect vigil is also maintained externally as well as internally for full security of the school campus.

Morning Assembly

The students offer their morning prayer, present exceptional thought of the day. Inspiring and educative talks are presented by the students and teachers. The morning assembly end with the National Anthem.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is English with Hindi as a compulsory subject.